Welcome to the journey. I am overjoyed to share this experience with you!

Please choose the link that corresponds to the tuition and payment terms you are committing to. You will be taken to the enrollment page to complete your registration. If you have any questions or do not see the amount you are able to pay, let me know and we will get it all worked out! I am committed to making these teachings accessible to anyone who is sincerely seeking them and will not let finances be the barrier.

 $2500 Early Bird Paid in Full-Save $300 until January 17, 2021

$2800 Paid in Full after January 17, 2021

Payment Plans

$475/mo for 6 months ($2850 total)

$240/mo for 12 months ($2880 total)

$1400 50% Community Supported Rate- One-time payment

Payment Plans

$240/mo for 6 months ($1440 total)

$123/mo for 12 months (1476 total)

$700 75% Community Supported Rate- One-time payment

$123/mo for 6 months ($738 total)

$65/mo for 12 months ($780 total)

All tuition payments are non-refundable.