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What is coaching and who is it for? 

Life coaching provides a safe and supportive space, accountability, perspective and motivation to navigate and experience the ups and downs of life with more grace, make better choices more often, celebrate the gifts of every breath, clarify visions and be supported in making them a reality.


It is for anyone who is:​

  • moving through a transition

  • seeking focus & clarity

  • already experiencing success and wanting to take it to the next level

  • anyone who feels like there is "more to life" than what they are currently experiencing

Coaching is an ideal solution for you if you are motivated to make choices in the direction of your dreams but aren't quite sure HOW or know that accountability will be helpful, have a sense that there is something "more" you can be doing with your energy but are not sure how to figure out what that is or you are interested in developing a deeper relationship with and understanding of yourself. My philosophical approach is existential-humanistic, which essentially means that I am focused on the capacity for self-awareness, presence, freedom, and choice as a means to self-knowledge and responsibility. The work we do together will be focused on discovering what you want to create in your life and how you can make the choices and take the actions that will make that a reality.

Coaching is a great way to identify and move through blocks, identify what you want to create and have the support and accountability of a trusted person throughout. Some are working toward a specific goal and need help with clarity and organization of their efforts. Others are interested in a more global exploration of one or more areas of their life.


There are several ways to get the benefits of a coaching relationship. 


Private Group


**10% discount for a pre-paid package of 4 or more


Coaching Series

This is where some of the most requested topics are covered in a curriculum-based format. A series can happen in a group or individual setting either in person or online. Group sessions offer the added benefit of community and affordability.  Find out when the next group coaching series starts on the schedule page or subscribe to be notified. If an individual series is a better fit for you, contact us to get started.

Chakra Journey

Desire Mapping

Firestarter Sessions