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To exist at all is an almost unfathomable miracle.

To be aware of existence is a profound gift too often missed in modern society.


The intention of 960Project is to cultivate awareness of both the discreet moments and the resulting whole of the human experience on an emotional and cognitive level and deliver that back as a sensual experience.

A moment is 90 seconds. Every day has 960 individual moments. The entirety of life occurs within these moments. Moments matter.


This is an art installation [in progress] composed of 960 crowdsourced moments brought together, rendered in mixed media and exhibited as an immersive experience of our shared existence.

What is one of your favorite or most impactful moments?
Think of moments that changed the way you experience the world. Perhaps pleasant, perhaps unpleasant. There are no wrong answers but try to be concise. 
 Here are some moments already submitted for inspiration:
I stopped by the side of the road to use a payphone to answer 911 page and learned that my brother had died. 
The sun was shining and there was a crowd of people but all I could see was her.
I remember the first time I heard Michael Jackson sing. I never knew music could be like that.

Thank you for sharing your heart! You are loved!