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Enrollment open now!

Joy Lab is a living workshop and conscious community, created with the deep intention to connect and experience life from a place of ever-increasing access to a state of joy. We will do this by showing up for ourselves and each other with integrity, humility, and transparency. This is a place of unconditional loving-kindness and compassion, learning, and transformational growth. We are committed to expanding our capacity to experience life with arms, eyes, heart, and mind wide open.  We are artists, philosophers, musicians, lawyers, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, workers, and retirees. All are welcome.


Each month will be curated around a theme and include live offerings which will be recorded for ongoing access as it suits you, for example:

  • One 10-20 minute meditation

  • One 30-45 minute meditation

  • One 10-20 minute yoga practice

  • One 60-90 minute yoga practice

  • Book club selection and live discussion

  • Activities, rituals, and other practices to support the theme and intention


Some months will also include one or more of the following:

  • Music Mix

  • Wisdom and/or panel discussions to explore together

  • Events (like a hike, retreat, or gathering when that is reasonable again)


May: JOY




September: SELF CARE



December: RELEASE 

Members will also receive:

  • Access to all content previously recorded in addition to current and future offerings for as long as you are a member

  • Private WhatsApp group for community connection and support

  • 10% Discount on private sessions with Claire

  • First access to offerings outside of JoyLab that you might also love, like workshops, retreats, or dance parties!

Everything will be online for now and when it makes sense to meet in person again, offerings will be in person and online because we are all over the globe.

There are three pricing tiers in an effort to make this content and community both sustainable and accessible.

Click on any of the links below to be directed to the subscription page. Every month, the theme and schedule of events will be hosted through ruzuku and you will have access to all content for as long as you are a member.


$30/month covers you and supports another

$20/month covers you

$10/month contribute and receive community support

If you wish to pay more in order to support further access or are unable at this time to make the community-supported contribution amount reach out to me at, please.


It is my intention to not turn anyone who is sincerely seeking connection with these teachings away for financial reasons.

See you inside!