Be Free no.2: Choices

To be clear, what I am going to share pertains to the internal state and NOT what is occurring external to oneself which I am sure we can agree is currently unprecedented in our lifetimes at least and a source of great pain and loss in such varied ways to so many people. This is real and true and not acknowledging is an unkindness of a enormous magnitude.

There is so much happening right now that is both outside any illusion of control and for many beyond the scope of imagination, apocolyptic nightmares notwithstanding. All of this can be perceived and experienced as a cause of great suffering, it is quite easy in times such as these to feel like a victim. I know I have had some feet stomping, whiny moments over the past 26 days of staying at home.

I offer for your consideration that another option exists. There are gifts of awareness being offered in the midst of this painful shared experience. One of those relates to attachment.

The degree to which one attaches themselves to the made up version of reality they hold most dear combined with the divergence of actual reality from that can be a great source of suffering, which totally sucks. The good news though, is that since it is a decision made inside oneself to not accept reality and instead attempt to bend it to one's own will that creates the issue there is a built in escape hatch if you will. I am NOT advocating for some kind of fairytale rainbows and unicorns version of reality where everything is washed in glitter and happens "for a reason". What I am suggesting is that if one is able to identify the source of resistance, then the opportunity exists to remove that by ceasing to resist. Simple, not at all easy.

Start with presence. Stop looking for proof of anything and simple observe. Sit in silence without your phone or TV or laptop or music or any distraction at all and just BE. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel your body, your heart beating. Notice what you notice and do your best not to judge. Listen, smell, sense yourself. Watch your mind. Observe your thoughts. Notice when you become disturbed and rather than make an attempt to hide it or shut it down, for just a moment or two, listen. Continue to breathe. Consider if it is possible to accept reality and move from there. Is there a choice you can make that will be supportive of your wellbeing? Does it mean setting a boundary or communicating a need? Something else? Acceptance does not mean inaction, it means responding with a conscious choice from a place of truth.

Every day provides an opportunity to learn and grow, some days offer it up with a smile, some with tears or rage. What is important is to learn how to be centered and balanced internally so that every moment can be experienced to the fullest extent possible and then one can return to center without the misunderstanding that any of those moments are the essential essence of oneself. If we are able to establish this understanding, then even though pain remains, suffering will lessen and eventually cease entirely.

Good luck and so much love!

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