12 Sparrows exists to facilitate and celebrate experiences that support evolution, freedom of expression, movement and presence on every level. 
‚ÄčEvery person has a right to feel seen, heard and valued - from the inside out -by themselves and others.
It is our mission to cultivate and nurture a community of humans who seek to operate in the world in such a way that their presence alone inspires and their actions uplift. 
We do this by creating and curating experiences which encourage people to welcome more freedom and joy into their life.
...it's yoga, mindfulness, service, coaching, education, music, art, culture, food, inspiration
...it's all that and more.
See you on the path!

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Wow wow wow, Claire has changed my life in a million ways. Every moment with Claire is a chance to learn, grow and feel at peace. She has helped me channel my creativity and find balance in my mental health by beautifully utilizing the senses through aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga. It also doesn't hurt that she's organized, artistic, reliable, musically-gifted and an incredible cook!


I have known Claire since I did my first YTT in 2016 with her. She is knowledgeable and compassionate, and her teachings are profound and grounding.To this day, that was one of the most enriching and life-changing yoga trainings I have been a part of. Claire has been a huge part in my yoga journey, and I am deeply grateful. 


Getting my 200hr YTT with Claire was the beginning of a journey that has led me to not only continue to discover the depths of yoga, but also my self. I am forever grateful for having found 12Sparrows YTT with Claire when I did. Not only she crafts intelligent sequences, Her teachings are always centered on the roots of yoga beyond the asana. A truly holistic way of teaching. Forever grateful for having her as my teacher. 


I have gotten to know Claire over the last couple of years in Charlotte through activities in the yoga, mindfulness and art communities, but I originally met her on a meditation and yoga retreat she co-led in Peru. I struggle to find words that might do her justice. She’s one of the most unique individuals to ever cross my path, and I am infinitely better for it. She is equally wise, brilliant and creative as she is selfless, giving and loving. Her guidance and coaching has enabled me to equip myself with the tools and confidence I need to bring about my own personal and spiritual transformation. She truly invests her heart and soul in the betterment of humanity, which is evident in the way she carries herself with poise and her participation in the community. Charlotte is lucky to have her. I have boundless respect for her perspective and for her as an individual. In speaking with others that have worked with her and known her on a personal level, it is clear that my experience with her is not unique. She is truly a bright light in this world and I consider her one of my greatest teachers.


My most profound healing has come from receiving private yoga; energy; and chakra work from Claire. She has been paramount in helping me achieve mental clarity and balance, mindful presence, harmonized energy, and lifestyle changes toward living uncompromisingly authentic in work, play, and life purpose. Taking all of my schooling, training, and therapies received together, these do not culminate to be as rich as how working with Claire has enlivened me. Claire is a leading expert in the study and healing from trauma. Her teaching, workshops, and consultation have deeply influenced me on how to apply best practices to helping humans recover, heal, and grow.


Claire did chakra balancing coaching with me, and it was a transformational experience I highly recommend for anyone. After doing a chakra assessment she coached me through a personalized balancing program that she adjusted based on my feedback and progress.  Claire’s knowledge and her non-judgmental, supportive approach made it possible for me to trust her guidance, participate honestly and completely and continue working with tools and techniques she gave me even when I found it difficult to do so.  I gained clarity and insights that I found incredibly empowering, and now have chakra healing practices and meditations I can continue to use.  Truly a life altering experience I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone who wants positive changes in their life.

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